Twitter allows for conversation in real time. Interactions between Wendy’s and their fanbase happen daily, and people are able to tweet to their favorite fast food chain and expect a reply sooner than later. This allows for companies like Wendy’s to identify their target audience in an easy fashion; you can see who follows you and interacts with your tweets, view their profile, and generate a target demographic based on the accounts that tie themselves to your brand. Engaging tweets help create a community of followers that will align themselves with your company.  

Menards does a fantastic job of relating to their core Twitter following. When a user shares an image of their product (deemed 'user generated content', which you can read more on here), or just something interesting that they believe will be universally enjoyed, Menards shares the picture on their Twitter to praise the user, while also showing that they are deeply tied to their community. This makes the user feel appreciated, and shows others that Menards is more personable than neighboring companies.

Menards Dog Example

Having an open channel of communication also allows for criticism and feedback at the touch of a button. If a company attempts to roll out a new feature, like Instagram did with horizontal scrolling in January of 2019, users are able to voice their concerns to the company immediately. Instagram users hated the new feature and ran to Twitter to express their frustrations. Twitter user, 6Flex, tweeted, “Who at Instagram thought this update was a good idea? I’m legit forced to stop and look at other people’s post instead of sliding down”. Real critiques in real time provide useful insight as to what a company can do better, what they are doing well, and ideas for future innovations.

Instead of rolling out a new feature for select users, Instagram could have always used Twitter’s polling feature to procure a response to the potential change. Twitter has the capacity to allow polls to be utilized and published; giving feedback on a variety of subjects. This allows for users to share direct information with companies.

Case in point; Twitter is the best free resource for companies and individuals alike. From public feedback, to building a brand, Twitter is a wonderful means to expand your business. With the right cast of social media strategists, your company’s engagement could change overnight; courtesy of Twitter.


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