Outsourcing? Probably.
Sustainable ROI? Of course!

As a retailer, you employ the best buying staffs possible, install the finest buying and warehousing system available, in order to find, buy and promote the very best merchandise at the very best prices.

You then produce and print hundreds of thousands of circulars and distribute them to your best customers and prospects.

Now, only you know what it costs. But any reasonable back of the envelope calculation that includes only the cost to print and distribute even the most basic 8-page circular can easily exceed $85 per thousand.

A year-long weekly circular program can easily reach well into seven figures.

In order to make this investment worth it, there needs to be education, expertise, and passion behind the delivery of the advertising ideas and layouts you’d expect and deserve for the dollars invested.

In-house staff members often fall prey to having to deal with funding requests, software updates, staffing headaches of one kind or another, asked to make last minute product substitutions or price changes, all under fast paced schedules and demanding deadlines.

When this happens, your branding loses its consistency. Graphics, page layout, a well-developed and cohesive marketing and advertising message delivered in an engaging layout get lost.

Ask yourself if an in-house advertising department is still the best solution for the critical job or creating a brand message and delivering world-class, game changing advertising.

The alternative: invest in meaningful circular content.

You can develop an ad program that defines and separates you from your competition by telling your story.

An ad program that delivers a measurably greater return on your current ad investment.

Does your circular advertising look and feel like an invitation to come experience something special (your stores)?

Contact us to talk about how AdSerts can be the solution for marketing your business via circulars and more.

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